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Did you know that Whoopie Pie is Michigan’s Snack, that some people consider Doo Dads as collectibles, or that Frosty the Snowman has friends?
Those themes will make up the season displays for 2022 at the Edwardsburg Area Historical Museum.
The “Celebrating Michigan” display will be front and center from May 17, the opening day, until Aug. 5.
Pieced together almost entirely by Retired Edwardsburg Teacher Ed Gardner, it will feature five categories that focus on Michigan’s wonderland, including history, recreation, products, famous people, and the beauty of the land.
On Aug. 9, the second display, “Collectibles, Knick Knacks, Doo Dads, Oh My!” will be featured throughout the museum with items from the museum’s collection and loaned items from community residents. That exhibit will run until Oct. 29.
“Frosty and Friends” will go up on Nov. 1, to celebrate the winter season, and, again, will include loaned items from residents, and objects from the museum’s collection.
The museum closes Dec. 17 for the winter.